Show your support and take action

Make your voice heard! Actions are being considered at the local, state and national level that affect marine animals in the wild and their habitats—as well as the future Seattle Aquarium. Help further our mission of Inspiring Conservation of Our Marine Environment by becoming an advocate for our one world ocean and the animals that live there, and the Seattle Aquarium itself.

Support King County Proposition 1—Access for All

Help boost funding for the Seattle Aquarium to increase conservation education and access for students and families throughout all parts of King County!

The Seattle Aquarium is the largest platform for marine conservation education in Washington state, reaching almost one million people each year—including over 40,000 students and others from underserved communities who we welcome at free or at reduced rates.

Nevertheless, we can’t reach large numbers of King County residents, especially families with young children, because neither our resources nor theirs are sufficient. Access for All will allow us to share our marine conservation mission with more King County residents, of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

With the passage of Access for All, the Aquarium could:

  • Increase school participation by 10–15 percent, reaching an additional 4,000–6,000 schoolchildren every year.
  • Expand our annual DreamNight and Open House events so even more guests can attend free of charge.
  • Deepen engagement with partners in our Connections program, increasing participation in the audiences they serve.
  • Increase our outreach efforts to keep up with the demand we can’t currently meet.
  • And more!

Vote yes on King County Proposition 1 and help more people access the Aquarium—as well as dozens of other arts, science and heritage organizations across the county!


AZA SAFE program

Save Animals from Extinction (SAFE)

As an accredited member of the Assocation of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), the Seattle Aquarium is proud to partcipate in Save Animals from Extinction (SAFE), a new commitment by the AZA's 229 accredited zoos and aquariums to harness our collective resources and work to save specific endangered species from extinction by restoring healthy populations in the wild. People like you, who visit the Seattle Aquarium and/or other AZA-accredited institutions, are an important element of this critical effort!